De School

DSA is a small, democratic school that provides both primary and secondary education. The school is for youngsters between the ages of 4 and 21 and adheres to the students’ independence. English and Dutch are both spoken at school. DSA is based on mankind’s curiosity, on our natural urge to discover and learn, to explore, our desire acquire skills and to gain knowledge. By nature, people love to learn, once something begins to stir inside, we get into action and get absorbed by whatever interests us. That’s why the students, in accordance with their mentor, get to create their own learning process at DSA.

DSA is a private school; a so-called B3 school. That means that DSA is free to shape education in the way DSA envisions it. DSA is a B3 school out of principle and thus, does not receive government subsidy. The inspection of education visits DSA regularly to see if the school meets the basic conditions. Fortunately, the inspection is very enthusiastic and DSA has received a positive, binding advice to provide primary and secondary education.